Alberts Slosh

Bar & Restaurant

All the furniture at Alberts Slosh was inspired by traditional wooden furniture used in old German bars and farm houses. The chairs and long tables were inspired by the green wooden chairs they make for farm houses in the hills of west Germany but designed to have a contemporary feel. The stools were made using traditional machines but adding a modern twist making them three legged.

All furniture was made in one of the only companies that still makes furniture this way, using machines that are over 100 years old and probably the only ones left in the country. With the exception of the fixed seating beach and the sqaure tables which were made in Manchester, using traditional methods but refined to give them a modern feel.

All the furniture was made using the most ecological approach possible with FFC wood exclusivley, and all finishes were traditional such as the limeade stain and the vinegar stain.

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