This job involved designing a shop to be a home for high volume of varying items. Originally the shop was hard to manoeuvre around with lots of bits here and there so my first priority was to create a sense of space by knocking down a wall and pushing it all back.

His ensure you could see from one side of the shop to the other, helping retain an open space giving an airy feel to a crowded environment. It also help prevent shop lifting. 

We then made a very simple table that would help to bring the shop together using a simple colour palate. I found 8 old school doors and used them as cuboards. This helped to keep the space looking tidy and not over cluttered. The tables were made from 88% recycled steel and the rest of the shop was made from recycled wood and other recycled plastics, like the stools made from reused bottle plastics. 

Down in the basement we converted the whole space to comfortably incorporate a stock room, staff room and toilet along with a efficient mail order processing space to manage online orders and deliveries.

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