Cow is made from 90% recycled materials. From old metal shelves used as lamps to snooker legs used as clothes rails. It was mostly about going out and seeing what I could find in skips, scrap yards and wood salvage yards. By getting cheap and interesting objects and using them for something completely different. 

The till was made using old DEX shelving put on its side, the front wall was made out of 80 paper bins from MMU and the hut was made from an old grid wall that was going to be thrown out. The banister on the first floor was made into a belt display, old factory doors were used to break up the space downstairs and to add texture between the clothes.

The changing rooms were made from carpet off cuts and old doors. The lights were made out of old doll houses, rusty metal shelves, heating stoves and old glass lamp shades. In the changing rooms I used 2 hand carpets as wallpaper to make the changing room interesting. Cow sign was made out of old 50s, 60s and 70s milk bottles cut down and dangled to spell out Cow.

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