Award winning furniture design combining beauty, craftmanship and resourcefulness within the mass-produced market. Below is a small sample of my work.

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This was designed using the same technique that helped me to win eco product of the year  using 18mm birch ply. It can be made in any size.

The sofa works as a day bed as well if you remove the back cushion. As part of the brief, I made it bigger than a single bed. The sofa was first made in 2009 when it was part of the trend at the time. It can be made with any finish as it isn’t mass produced, but it can be adapted for production. 

Wooden Backed Sofa

This table won ECO product of the year at 100% design. The table was made using a CNC cut out from 1 sheet of 18mm birch ply. The table could be delivered flat pack. They would bend it into its final shape. I used an ECO finish on the table made from an ECO rubber veneer, this table was made into benches, coffee tables as well as shelves and other designs.

Writing Desk

Routered Desk

Square Table

Steel Table